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Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Delft/Leiden (QTLC-D/L)

The Quantum Delta Talent & Learning Centre Delft/Leiden has knowledge of all educational activities and projects related to quantum in the South Holland region. The TLC serves as a broker and resource centre connecting businesses, educational institutions, and research organizations to facilitate collaborations.

South Holland stands out as a strong quantum technology region and the time has come to translate fundamental research into practical applications and scale up these efforts. The quantum-related business landscape is expanding rapidly, resulting in a rising demand for a workforce that is knowledgeable in the quantum field. However, there's also a need for professionals with more practical backgrounds and a broader knowledge beyond quantum mechanics. Hence, the TLC has an inclusive and expansive vision. We aim to embrace physics programs and disciplines that intersect with quantum technology, such as electrical engineering and ICT. Furthermore, we place a significant emphasis on inspiring vocational education (MBO).  

With the collaboration of Leidse Instrumentmakersschool (LiS), The Hague University of Applied Sciences, TU Delft, and Leiden University, the TLC Delft/Leiden is in an excellent position to collectively shape the future of quantum education.


Hilde Wijngaard
Project Lead TLC Delft/Leiden
Gunter Helms
Educational Officer TLC Delft/Leiden
Cintia Perugachi
Educational Officer TLC Delft/Leiden
Peter Denteneer
Educational Officer TLC Delft/Leiden
Lodewijk Arntzen
Educational Officer & Internship Concent Supervisor TLC Delft/Leiden
Jeroen Oostinga
Educational Officer TLC Delft/Leiden
Pascal van den Bosch
Educational Officer TLC Delft/Leiden
Marijn Versteegh
Internship Content Supervisor TLC Delft/Leiden
Ruud Vermeij
Internship Content Supervisor TLC Delft/Leiden
Halima Suge
Project Support
Boaz van der Plas
Head of Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematical Engineering (THUAS)

Ongoing projects

Teacher Internships
A unique opportunity for teachers to become interns, dedicating for example one day per week to immersing themselves in the operation of a quantum-related company. This experience will enable them to better understand the expectations for their students and the skillsets required to work at such a company. Simultaneously, companies will establish stronger connections with educational programs and potential future employees, all while benefiting from free expertise. If you are interested in offering or participating in a teacher internship, please contact Hilde Wijngaard (h.h.wijngaard@hhs.nl).

Quantum Vocational Training
Building quantum computers demands the expertise of vocational students. Our mission within AL-3 is to bridge universities, colleges, and vocational schools. The Leidse Instrumentmakers School (LiS) plays a pivotal role, using growth fund resources to nationally coordinate vocational education, focusing on qualification assessment and fostering institutional collaborations. In this vision the LiS is for example organizing workshops for MBO teachers in order to get more vocational schools involved.

This programme offers secondary school students the opportunity to do experiments in quantum mechanics to learn more about it and its applications.

Local events

Delft company visit - 6 February 2024

The Quantum Delta Talent and Learning Centre Delft/Leiden is organizing a visit to multiple quantum technology companies in Delft for students from our affiliated educational institutions. Companies like TNO, QuTech, QphoX, Quantware, and more will participate in this event. We will kick off with a few presentations at the House of Quantum in Delft. Afterward, the students will be divided into mixed groups and get a tour of a couple of the companies involved. The day will end with some drinks and the possibility of networking at House of Quantum. If you would like to participate, please contact Hilde Wijngaard (h.h.wijngaard@hhs.nl).

Currently available educational programme(s)

Check out the currently available quantum educational programmes in our region below ↓

National Reach, International Impact

With strategic positions in Delft/Leiden, Amsterdam, Twente, and Eindhoven, our TLCs work in tandem with local educational entities and industry partners. Each centre is tailored to address local requirements while benefiting from a broader TLC network. Being an integral component of the QDNL ecosystem, we leverage resources from national to international scales.

Discover more about our regional TLCs and join us in this quantum journey!

Learn more about the Delft quantum hub

Quantum Delft is a unique local ecosystem that has been decades in the making: a hotspot for excellent scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who rigorously lead the way in quantum technology, with QuTech as the central player.

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Learn more about the Leiden quantum hub

Quantum Delta Leiden offers expertise that covers the entire spectrum from algorithm design, through real-world implementation, to applications, tailored to the specific computational needs of the industrial partner. Also, Leiden has great expertise on the interaction between quantum technology and society.

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