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The power of quantum technologies rests not in the complex, mysterious world in quantum mechanics, but in the minds of people who will master this technology to explore the vast reaches of science and the profound challenges facing society. At Quantum Delta NL (QDNL), we believe that the key to that future is in the creation and nurturing of a people-centred quantum ecosystem.

The QDNL Talent & Learning Centres will reach ‘beyond the bubble’ to solve the complex challenges quantum technology and computing can resolve such as climate change and drug discovery. However, doing so through nurturing one of the Netherlands’ principal strengths: its people.

The QDNL’s Talent & Learning Centres are designed to tap The Netherlands’ most important natural resource – its people – to address the critical challenges of building a quantum workforce for tomorrow’s quantum institutions and industries.

Created based on a vision of a limitless world where education and talent development are powered by quantum learning, the TLCs serve as collaboration and education centres in the local, regional, national – and even global – quantum ecosystem.

The centres – located in Delft/Leiden, Amsterdam, Twente and Eindhoven – are hubs that:

  • Facilitate projects and internships for students and teachers to develop the required skills and gain experience in working in a professional quantum environment.

  • Bridge the gap between the university, higher professional education (HBO) and secondary vocational education (MBO) by translating scientifically acquired knowledge into practical applications.

  • Foster a culture of lifelong learning by developing practical labs, educational material and various support for personal and professional growth.

  • Link our world-renowned educational institutions in those regions and with companies in quantum or related technologies.

Our vision is one that sees quantum science and technology as a field that empowers individuals to unlock their boundless potential and pursue excellence without limits. 

Join us in this journey to unlock the potential of quantum learning and help to match educational programs to the needs of industrial and societal partners.

Four Convenient Regional Locations

TLCs are conveniently and centrally based in Delft/Leiden, Amsterdam, Twente and Eindhoven.

Regional centres work closely together with both regional educational institutions and with partners from industry and other societal stakeholders. The structure is uniquely designed to allow each TLC to adapt to the local needs and possibilities.

These centres rely on those local institutions and expertise while building their strength through connections to other TLCs and, because these centres are linked to the different hubs which are part of the QDNL ecosystem, are able to tap resources from national and international networks.

Find out more about these TLCs below.

People-Centred Quantum

Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam

Located within the heart of Amsterdam, QTLC-A operates under the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), making it exceptionally aligned with the HvA student community...

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Making quantum education commonplace

Talent & Learning Centre Delft/Leiden

The QTLC-D/L is a broker and resource centre for quantum-related educational activities and projects in the South Holland region, connecting businesses, educational institutions, and research organizations...

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Making quantum education commonplace

Talent & Learning Centre Twente

QTLC-T is the stronghold for quantum photonic computing. Education, research and companies (QuiX, Lionix and Demcon) work closely together to enhance the push from academic knowledge to market...

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Making quantum education commonplace

Talent & Learning Centre Eindhoven

The QTLC-E is dedicated to advancing education in quantum tech in general and quantum information and quantum sensing due to local strength...

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We're looking for assignments, projects and internships for our quantum students

Do you have a project for our quantum students to work on or want to explore opportunities in this regard? Or are you interested in hosting quantum interns in your organization? Please reach out to us below.


Currently available quantum educational programmes in the Netherlands

Introduction to quantum technology, Technical University of Eindhoven
Do you want to start entering/ moving to the rising field of quantum technology with one or some elective courses at EHCI?

Hybrid Minor Quantum Computing
Launching for the third time in 2024, the minor in Applied Quantum Computing is founded on the bootcamp, "Introduction to Quantum Computing". While this minor was developed in Amsterdam, we're innovating with blended learning techniques to reach students globally, ensuring they're not bound to Amsterdam, which involves refining course content and enhancing technical support.

Vocational school Leidse instrumentmakers School
The programme at LiS teaches its students how to create the technology needed to support quantum technology through workshops, elective courses and collaboration with industry.

Bachelor Technische Natuurkunde
Bachelor programme (in Dutch) in applied physics the Hague University of Applied Sciences where it is possible to specialise in quantum from the second year of the program.

Bachelor HBO-ICT, de Haagse Hogeschool
Applied bachelor programme in IT at the Hague University of Applied Sciences (in Dutch) where it is possible to do some lessons quantum computing aimed at IT students in the second half of the first year. This is in collaboration with Quantum Inspire.

Quantum Information Science and Technology (MSc), TUDelft
Shared master programme from Leiden University and Delft University of Technology with the objective to provide its students with in-depth and combined knowledge from the four disciplines (quantum) physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science to enable them to stay at the forefront of fundamental knowledge of quantum technology and develop practical applications in the field.

BSc and MSc in Physics at Leiden University
The bachelor programme offers courses on quantum physics from the second year and the master program allows students to specialize in quantum sensing, quantum optics, and quantum information through different experimental and theoretical tracks.

BSc and MSc of Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology
The bachelor programme (in Dutch) offers courses on quantum physics from the second year and the master program allows students to specialize in quantum solid-state physics and quantum technology through different experimental and theoretical tracks.


Marten Teitsma
Professor and Program Manager of Applied Quantum Computing at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Inge Simon
Project Manager Quantum Talent & Learning Centre
Cas Damen
Coordinator AL3.2 Twente
Brigitte Tel
Education Lead TLC Twente
Hilde Wijngaard
Project Lead TLC Delft/Leiden
Mohammad-Amin Moradi
Project Manager TLC Eindhoven
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