Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam

Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam (QTLC-A)

Located within the heart of Amsterdam, QTLC-A operates under the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), making it exceptionally aligned with the HvA student community.

Focused on quantum technology education in the Amsterdam region, QTLC-A serves as a guide for anyone eager to navigate the quantum educational landscape. From curating workshops, courses, and events to aiding educational developers in refining their programs, QTLC-A is the hub for all things quantum in Amsterdam.


Marten Teitsma
Professor and Program Manager of Applied Quantum Computing at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Ilse Geurts
Project Manager - Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Amsterdam
Taha Selim
Education Officer/Lecturer II @AUAS
Sohan Vartak
Educational Officer


On the 7th of November the Quantum TLCs in Amsterdam, Delft/Leiden, Eindhoven and Twente hosted the National Opening Quantum Talent & Learning Centres. During this quantum-filled afternoon in Amsterdam, we discussed the recent developments in quantum education including the TLC’s joint effort to improve and initiate education in Quantum technology and make the Netherlands a frontrunner in the field.

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Ongoing Projects

Teacher Internship
A unique opportunity for teachers to become interns, dedicating one day per week to immersing themselves in the operation of a quantum-related company. This experience will enable them to understand better the expectations for their students and the skillsets required to work at such a company. Simultaneously, companies will establish stronger connections with educational programs and potential future employees, all while benefiting from free expertise. If you are interested in offering or participating in a teacher internship, please get in touch with Inge Simon (i.simon@hva.nl).

Quantum Theme Semester
Embedded in the HvA Bachelor’s Applied Physics program, this thematic semester on Quantum Technology fosters interdisciplinary collaboration. Students team up with peers from diverse programs, like Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, to execute specialized projects. Initially, these projects, sourced from scientific institutes and businesses, will undergo fine-tuning and attentive mentoring.

High School Program HAVO (QTLC-A)
In partnership with TU Delft and Leiden University, we're designing a special school day for pre-university students, offering a deep dive into Quantum Technology. Whether hosted at HvA or local high schools, participants will explore Quantum's historical, practical, and societal layers, with opportunities for further study.

Quantum Vocational Training
Building quantum computers demands the expertise of vocational students. Our mission with AL-3 is to bridge universities, colleges, and vocational schools. The Leidse Instrumentmakers School (LiS) plays a pivotal role, using growth fund resources to nationally coordinate vocational education, focusing on qualification assessment and fostering institutional collaborations.

Quantum Talk Series

In June 2023 Quantum TLC Amsterdam hosted its first of a series of “Quantum Talks”, small-scale lectures that aim to address different subfields of quantum in an accessible manner.

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Currently available educational programme(s)

Check out the currently available quantum educational programmes in our region below ↓

Minor Quantum Computing (hybrid)

Launching for the third time in 2024, the minor in Applied Quantum Computing is founded on the bootcamp, "Introduction to Quantum Computing". We're innovating with blended learning techniques to reach students globally, ensuring they're not bound to Amsterdam, which involves refining course content and enhancing technical support.

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General Awareness Quantum Computing workshop

The 3.5hrs workshop is the perfect introduction to Quantum from a practical perspective, exploring which opportunities we foresee, what are the risks to cybersecurity and how long will it take before quantum computers will become available.

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National Reach, International Impact

With strategic positions in Delft/Leiden, Amsterdam, Twente, and Eindhoven, our TLCs work in tandem with local educational entities and industry partners. Each centre is tailored to address local requirements while benefiting from a broader TLC network. Being an integral component of the QDNL ecosystem, we leverage resources from national to international scales.

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