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National Growth Fund awarded Quantum Delta NL €615 million

The National Growth Fund awarded Quantum Delta NL with a €615 million euros investment for the further development of Quantum Technology on 9 April 2021. Incredible news for the entire Netherlands’ quantum ecosystem! Through the National Growth Fund, the Dutch government invests €20 billion over the next five years, in ‘projects that foster economic growth in the long term’.

Quantum Delta NL’s proposal was part of the R&D cluster, submitted by the Ministry of Economic Aairs and Climate Policy. Our proposal has a clear focus and direction, which led to its full endorsement by the Committee.

Documents you can download

The basis of the proposal for the National Growth Fund is the ‘NAQT’, the National Agenda Quantum Technology.

You can read the proposal which was endorsed by the National Growth Fund, and the English and Dutch version of the NAQT below. Also included is a report about the Netherlands’ quantum ecosystem by Birch and the University of Utrecht, and a report about the economic impaqt of quantum technology in the Netherlands by McKinsey.

Virtual Information Session

On 20 May 2021, we held a virtual Information Session to inform the wider community about what the endorsement means exactly, and what the next couple of months will look like for the organization. In case you missed it or you want to rewatch it, we have recorded the session. View the Information Session in the video.

Presentation slides used during the Information Session

After the plenary opening, participants were invited to choose one of the breakout sessions, hosted by the coordinators of each of the eight pillars of the National Agenda Quantum Technology. The breakout sessions were not recorded, but if you’d like to look at the slides which were discussed, you can find them below:

Quantum Delta NL in a nutshell

Quantum Delta NL is the public-private partnership of global tech companies, government agencies, and major quantum research centers in the Netherlands. The mission of Quantum Delta NL is to position the Netherlands as a leading ecosystem in quantum technologies.

Eight pillars

The Quantum Delta NL ecosystem invests in 3 areas of quantum technology:

  1. Quantum Computing and Simulation

  2. Quantum Networks

  3. Quantum Sensing Applications

We call these CATs, which stands for ‘Catalyst programmes’. To realise these emerging quantum technologies, we need a strong foundation. Therefore, we invest in:

  1. Research & Innovation

  2. Business & Funding

  3. Talent & Career

  4. Society & Application

We call these the 4 action lines. Underneath the 3 CATs and 4 Action lines, we’re building national cleanroom facilities, accessible to everyone.

We invite you to browse around on the website for further information, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.

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