Twente Hub

Twente Hub

The hub in Twente embraces the strong ambition to gear nanotechnology towards the second quantum revolution. The technology focus is on nanotechnology for quantum applications, in particular quantum photonics and quantum electronics.

With the largest academic cleanroom in the Netherlands, Twente is a breeding ground for technological innovations and novel ideas in the field of quantum chips, and quantum simulators. Industrial, governmental, academic partners come to Twente for technological implementation of materials and nanodevices for electronic and optical quantum chips.

Besides its close association with the University of Twente, specifically MESA+, the hub works with various partners in the private sector, start-ups and scale-ups. The Twente hub also pursues close cooperation with a range of academic partners in the Netherlands and abroad: not only QuTech, but also universities in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Paderborn, Munster, Shanghai, Edinburgh, Oxford, and more.

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