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Despite being a small country, the Netherlands is well endowed with expertise and facilities in the field of quantum technology. The backbone of the nation’s unique knowledge and innovation landscape is formed by five specialist innovation hubs. Each hub contains of research institutes, university, companies and start-ups/scale-ups and with a different focus. All these parties have a strong focus on collaborative research and innovation, not only with one another, but also with national and international enterprises.

  • Delft: quantum computing, internet & network, with QuTech, Kavli Institute, Microsoft, Intel and others
  • Amsterdam:  applied quantum algorithms, quantum sensing & simulation, with QuSoft, CWI, UvA, VU, SURFsara and others
  • Leiden: applied quantum algorithms, with aQa, Google, Shell, Volkswagen, Total and others
  • Eindhoven: post-quantum crypto, quantum simulation & materials, with ThermoFisher, NanoLabNL and others
  • Twente: quantum electronics and quantum photonics, with MESA+, Lockheed Martin, QuiX Quantum, Imec and others
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Quantum Delft launches

Quantum Delft is the first active ecosystem for innovation that came to life in close cooperation with Quantum Delta NL. This unique ecosystem has been decades in the making: a hotspot for excellent scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who rigorously lead the way in quantum technology. Its focus is on strengthening the unique Delft culture, improving access to top facilities, attracting the best talent to Delft, connecting to industry, and creating an inspiring and informative community. Read more at quantumdelft.nl